7 Weather Station Deals to Shop and Save This Black Friday

black friday weather station deals
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With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it is time to start your search for those Black Friday deals. With this guide, we will keep you informed about possible upcoming weather station deals. Whether you are thinking of buying a weather station item as a gift or as an addition to your existing weather gadget collection, this article will guide you on some of our favorite weather stations picks that are likely to go on sale this holiday season.

We recommend looking for weather station packages during the holiday season, as many go on sale only during this time of year. Keep reading to find out more about the weather stations we think may go on sale so you can plan your Black Friday shopping. Also, keep checking back as we will update the deals throughout the holiday season!

The Best Weather Black Friday Deals

We’ve taken the time to start searching the internet for the best Black Friday weather and science gadget deals, so you don’t have to. Be sure to check out our roundups below for more ideas on that “perfect” gift.

Editor’s Note: Deals this time of year change rapidly. While we are doing the best we can to keep deal details current, we can’t guarantee the sale price of any item. Most deals however should be available through at least Cyber Monday, however.

Before You Shop

Before you dive into our deals, make sure you’re an Amazon Prime member! Some holiday deals are Prime Exclusives, so joining now gets you a 30-day free trial which will be active all holiday long!

Not sure what to get? Let them pick. Amazon also offers Prime gift memberships for as little as $39. It’s even a good stocking stuffer, too. (We know from personal experience as weather geeks that once you start weather watching, you’ll be buying much more!)

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The Best Black Friday Weather Station Deals

We’ve scoured Amazon for the best deals on weather stations, and found the following deals we think you should check out.

The Ambient Weather WS-2902C weather station is incredibly compact and includes all the main components of a professional weather station at a fraction of the price, with accurate readings that rival stations many times its price. Professional equipment can cost hundreds of dollars for one instrument, so this weather station is a great deal. If you are thinking about purchasing a beginner weather station that includes the basic weather monitoring instruments already pre-calibrated, this weather station is a great option. While the station is currently on sale for $170, prime members save an additional $34, bringing the price down to $136, the lowest we’ve ever seen for this station!

The Ambient Weather WS-2902C features the following:

  • Integrated indoor and outdoor hygrometer/thermometer (relative humidity and temperature)
  • Cup anemometer (wind speed)
  • Wind vane (wind direction)
  • Rain gauge
  • Solar radiation and light intensity
  • Barometer (barometric pressure)

Prime Members Save $86
Ambient Weather WS-5000 Ambient Weather WS-5000

The WS-5000 is Ambient Weather's top-of-the-line weather station, and it shows. Accuracy is on par with the Davis Vantage Pro2, and smart home connectivity a new sonic anemometer make this our top pick.

  • Great full-color console
  • An impressive list of optional sensors
  • Smart home connectivity
  • Improved barometer and rainfall accuracy (from WS-2902 series)
  • Cumbersome console setup
  • Some sensors had to be reset to connect to console
We may receive a small commission as a result of sales from clicking on links on our site.
11/26/2021 12:02 am GMT

The Ambient Weather WS-5000 weather station is another affordable weather station with easy assembly and is one of the best weather stations on the market. It reports live wind speed, direction, temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, wind chill factor, sunrise and sunset time, UV index, and solar radiation. Its long-range WiFi allows stable and fast connection with the included automated display. All of the included sensors are in a single sensor suite, so the weather station requires minimal assembly. This weather station also has an optional rain gauge with an electronic sensor that you can add for $60. The Ambient Weather Station WS-5000 is also solar-powered and plug/battery-free.

The display includes additional variables, including dew point temperature, wind chill factor, UV index, and more. The additional information is a plus if you are looking for more commonly used metrics for weather forecasting. Normally $430, this station is on sale for $344 for prime members. This is the lowest price we’ve seen since the spring.


  • Thermometer
  • Hygrometer
  • Barometer
  • Solar radiation and light intensity (also measures sunrise and sunset times)
  • Ultrasonic anemometer (measures wind speed and direction)
  • Solar panel

AcuRite Iris  Wireless Weather Station AcuRite Iris Wireless Weather Station
  • Measure indoor outdoor temperature and humidity, wind speed/direction, barometric pressure, and rainfall
  • Large Color LCD
  • Weather Forecasts out 12 hours in advance using observed data
We may receive a small commission as a result of sales from clicking on links on our site.
11/26/2021 02:47 am GMT

Another option for a highly compact and affordable weather station is the AcuRite Iris 5-in-1 Wireless Weather Station. The included weather clock adjusts to brightness for both indoor and outdoor settings. This compact and wireless weather station is one of the most affordable options for a basic weather station on this list, and it is suited for both indoor and outdoor environments. The only thing it doesn’t have is internet connectivity (we have another Iris station to recommend Normally $160, this station is on sale for $117, saving 27%!

The AcuRite weather station includes:

  • Cup anemometer 
  • Hygrometer 
  • Wind vane
  • Rain gauge
  • Thermometer

AcuRite Iris with Wi-Fi AcuRite Iris with Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi built into console for sharing data to the internet
  • Measures indoor outdoor temperature and humidity, wind speed/direction, barometric pressure, and rainfall 
We may receive a small commission as a result of sales from clicking on links on our site.
11/26/2021 02:52 am GMT

If you’d like a version of the AcuRite Iris with Wi-Fi connectivity, then choose this package deal. The only difference is the console, which has Wi-Fi built in to connect to AcuRite Access. With this, you’ll be able to use the AcuRite app to view conditions even when you’re not at home, as well as share your data with Weather Underground and other services. While the station isn’t on sale, it’s the cheapest Iris weather station that supports AcuRite Access. And we really like that console, too!

20% off Coupon Available
WeatherFlow Tempest Weather System WeatherFlow Tempest Weather System

If you own a smart home, the WeatherFlow Tempest is the weather station to buy. The lightning detection capabilities are also the best we've seen.

  • Super quick setup
  • Outstanding lightning detection
  • Fairly accurate instrumentation
  • Ready for the smart home
  • Haptic rain sensor doesn’t measure rainfall accurately enough
  • No expandability
  • Price
We may receive a small commission as a result of sales from clicking on links on our site.
11/26/2021 12:03 am GMT

The WeatherFlow Tempest is another great buy for those looking to purchase a complete weather station. It connects real-time weather data to a well-designed smartphone app. The Tempest includes more precipitation metrics than the other weather stations, including rain intensity, duration, and net accumulation. It even features a lightning detector, making it a better option for areas with frequent thunderstorms and severe weather.

The station is still at its $329 retail price, however, we’ve spotted a 20% coupon you can apply to your purchase. That coupon brings the price down to $263, which is the lowest sale price ever. If you’ve been thinking about the Tempest, this weekend’s the time to buy!

The Tempest weather station includes the following:

  • Reports of station pressure and sea level pressure
  • Pyranometer
  • Rain sensor (detects rain intensity, duration, and accumulation)
  • Ultrasonic wind sensor (measures wind direction and wind speed)
  • Lightning detector

Just in time for the holidays, Davis has put together a bundle that we think is worthy of mention. It’s very rare to score a good discount on Davis weather stations, but this particular bundle is a 20% savings off of buying everything separately. Our own Ed Oswald has owned his Vantage Vue since 2016, and picked up both the WeatherLink Live and AirLink so we can attest to their quality!

Kestrel 1000 Wind Meter Kestrel 1000 Wind Meter

The entry-level Kestrel 1000 measures wind speeds only and is perfect for budget-conscious weather watchers.

We may receive a small commission as a result of sales from clicking on links on our site.
11/26/2021 12:04 am GMT

This handheld anemometer is not just a gift for weather nerds; anyone who needs to measure wind speed will appreciate this gift. The Kestrel 1000 Pocket Wind Meter is a compact and affordable way to measure wind data quickly and easily. It displays the instantaneous wind speed, average wind speed, current wind speed, minimum velocity, and maximum velocity. Like other Kestrel handheld devices, the Kestrel 1000 Pocket Wind Meter is drop-tested, making it preferable for intense sports and activities. Normally $99, the Kestrel 1000 is currently on sale for $79.

More deals to come.. keep checking back

Are you looking for more weather gift ideas? We’ve got you covered. Our main website, The Weather Station Experts, has reviews on dozens of weather gadgets! And keep checking back here, we’ll update this list regularly (and year-round) to help you find the perfect weather gift.

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