Top Selling Weather Gadgets for October 2021

top selling weather gadget kestrel 3000

We understand: we’re weather junkies too, and have tons of weather gadgets that we just had to have. While we certainly suggest reading our weather station reviews and other guides first before buying, you might still be unsure of what to pick. If that’s the case, we’ve developed this list of the top selling weather gadgets here on The Weather Station Experts. This list is updated once a month, using the past 60 days of sales data to show what other readers are purchasing.

Appearing on our list from month to month have been instruments, home weather stations, weather radios, quirky gadgets, and even books! Be sure to check back each month for an updated list.

Top 10 Most Bought



Ambient Weather WS-2902C...image Ambient Weather WS-2902C $169.99

Our Review

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Ambient Weather WS-5000...image Ambient Weather WS-5000 $429.99

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Stratus Precision Rain...image Stratus Precision Rain Gauge $36.50

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Davis Instruments 6100...image Davis Instruments WeatherLink Live $186.44

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Midland - WR300,...image Midland WR300 Weather Radio $62.99

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Kestrel 2000 Pocket...image Kestrel 2000 Weather Meter $99.00

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TALOS Lightning &...image TALOS Lightning & Storm Detector $129.00

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Ambient Weather WM-5...image Ambient Weather WM-5 Weather Meter $139.99

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Midland - ER310,...image Midland ER310 Emergency Radio $82.75

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Midland Consumer Radio...image Midland HH50 Weather Radio $31.00

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Price current as of October 7, 2021

Top Selling Weather Stations

Many of the top selling gadgets here on the Weather Station Experts are weather stations, not surprisingly. Of the brands, we most commonly recommend either Ambient Weather or Davis: the former for its value, and the latter for its reliability and accuracy. However, the current list of bestselling home weather stations does include some newer brands.

A perennial bestseller is the Ambient Weather WS-2902C, which packs an incredible amount of functionality into a value-priced weather station. However, we’ve noticed an increasing amount of interest in the WeatherFlow Tempest, likely because of its innovative haptic rain gauge and superb lightning detection capabilities.

Here are our current recommendations for the best weather stations. This chart is updated frequently.

Photo Title Price Buy
Ambient Weather WS-5000...image Ambient Weather WS-5000 Ultrasonic Smart Weather Station $429.99 Buy Now
Davis Instruments Vantage...image Davis Instruments Vantage Vue Weather Station and WeatherLink Live $391.48 Buy Now
Davis Instruments Vantage...image Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Weather Station with WeatherLink Live $715.00 Buy Now
Ambient Weather WS-2902C...image Ambient Weather WS-2902C WiFi Smart Weather Station $169.99 Buy Now
Tempest Weather System...image WeatherFlow Tempest Weather System $329.00 Buy Now

Price current as of October 6, 2021

Tips on Buying Your Next Weather Station

Do you want to know what the weather’s like in your backyard? Do you need an accurate and reliable weather station for monitoring outdoor activities or gardening, but not just any station will do? Our reviews are here so that we can help make a wise decision, and provide you with years of reliable use and accurate weather data.

At a minimum, you’re going to want a station that can measure the following:

  • Indoor and Outdoor temperature
  • Indoor and Outdoor relative humidity
  • Barometric pressure
  • Rain gauge

Most weather stations can do that at a minimum. Better personal weather stations include the above as well as the following additional functionality:

  • Wind speed and wind direction
  • Dew point
  • Heat index and wind chill measurements

High-end weather stations provide more than just these essential features. Some come with UV and light (solar radiation) sensors, which is useful for outdoor activities; others are able to detect lightning. Some models offer an option for soil moisture sensors that can tell you when it’s time to water your plants outside during drier weather. Others come with optional air quality sensors (sold separately) to minor air pollution levels.

Other Features to Consider

While not a dealbreaker, we’ve found the following features to be especially useful in real-world use and testing out these devices:

  • IFTTT compatibility to connect to smart home devices
  • Large display screen
  • Compatibility with crowd-sourced weather services like the Weather Underground
  • A Wireless transmission range of 300 feet or more
  • Solar power (you don’t have to change the batteries as much)
  • The capability to add additional sensors
  • Compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa

How We Test

Davis Vantage Vue close up shot
The Weather Station Experts

In the interest of transparency, we want to disclose how we select weather stations and gadgets, and how we test what we test on, and how we accept weather stations and gadgets for testing. Many review sites don’t actually test the products — they instead relying on customer reviews to form their opinions. We do things a bit differently.

How We Select What to Test

Weather stations and gadgets selected for testing meet our requirements for a standard feature set that we look for, and often for standout features. We do accept devices offered for testing from manufacturers. We do not accept monetary compensation in exchange for reviews from manufacturers.

How We Select Products for our Roundups

From time to time, it is necessary for us to include products that we have not had personal experience with. These frequently appear in our product roundups. When these products are included, we rely on select reviews posted to retailer websites on Amazon and other sites.

Most sites mark actual customers with a “verified purchase,” which are the reviews we use to judge for selection in a product roundup.

How We Test

Weather station testing is far from an exact science. However, we do follow a standard method to test our stations.

All stations tested are placed on the same mount in the same location at our testing site. Sensors are compared with analog instruments where possible, and when an analog instrument isn’t available, a nearby NOAA weather observing station is used.

The typical test lasts about 2-4 weeks, depending on the variability of the weather during the testing period. Select stations remain installed past the initial review period, allowing us to provide long-term reviews of these stations.

Our rating system is structured on a five-star scale, and a station must score three stars or higher in every category to be included in our recommendations. Here’s what the stars mean:

Five StarsSuperior or “best-in-class”
Four StarsAbove Average
Three StarsAverage, may have quirks or minor issues
Two StarsDeficient but useable
One StarSeriously deficient and/or non-functional
weather station installation wide shot
The Weather Station Experts

The four categories we use to come up with the final star rating are:

  • Accuracy
  • Durability/Construction
  • Feature Set
  • Value

Wrapping Up

Picking the right home weather station can be a tedious task. But that’s why created The Weather Station Experts. Surf around and read our reviews to help you make the best choice before buying. Whether you go with a budget-friendly model like the Ambient Weather WS-2902C or something higher end like Davis Instruments Vantage Vue or the Vantage Pro2, any of them are great choices.

We hope our list of the best home weather stations and gadgets helped you make a decision. If you ever need any help, we’d be glad to lend a digital hand. Just use our contact form to get in touch.

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