Submit Your Weather Station Pictures

Davis Vantage Vue mounted atop pole
The Weather Station Experts We are looking for weather station pictures for a new planned section of the website that showcases our reader’s setups. If you’d like to submit yours, use the form below to send your pictures to us. Here’s what we need.
  • Your name (we’ll only use your first name for privacy reasons)
  • Your location (City and State in the U.S. is fine, or city and country internationally)
  • Your Station Make and Model
  • Optionally, a brief description of your setup (especially if it’s not all pictured!)
  • A clear photo of your station
  • Why you purchased a weather station

We hope to launch this section later this year or early in 2022, as soon as we receive enough submissions.

Submit Your Weather Station Pictures

    By submitting this form, you agree to allow TWSE to use the information above as part of its Weather Station Gallery. This information is never sold or disclosed to a third party.

    Please note that since you're transferring a file, it may take a while for the submission to complete. Please be patient and we'll let you know with a message when the submission completes!

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