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Hi, my name’s Ed Oswald, and I’m glad you’ve stopped by. I started The Weather Station Experts to help you choose the best weather station for your money. Over the past decade, I’ve reviewed dozens of weather stations and gadgets — so unlike many of these review sites I have actual hands-on experience with what I recommend.

I’ve been interested in weather for more than three decades, and am currently back in school to finish my second degree in Earth Sciences at Millersville University.

My first degree however is in journalism, and I’ve spent nearly my entire career covering consumer tech gadgets. You may have even seen some of my work elsewhere on the web on sites like Digital Trends, PC World, VentureBeat, or even the New York Times website! I’ve written a lot.

Reviewing weather stations and gadgets is a natural fit for me, so starting a blog on the best weather stations money can buy seemed like a no-brainer. Here I hope to provide you with the best reviews, advice, and my personal recommendations to get the best bang for your buck.

Don’t make a costly mistake, trust us to make the right choice!

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Meet the Team

Want to know who’s behind The Weather Station Experts? Read on to find out more about our team.

Ed Oswald

Ed Oswald is Editor-in-Chief of The Weather Station Experts. Prior to TWSE, Ed's work has appeared in Digital Trends, PC World, TechHive, focusing on weather stations and smart home technology. He is an avid weather enthusiast and has owned weather stations for much of his adult life.

Nicole Cheung

Nicole Cheung is a graduate student at Northeastern University studying chemical engineering and computer science. In particular, she is interested in how new technological discoveries can drive societal change. She has worked at two biotech companies in the Boston area, SQZ Biotechnologies and Elektrofi, Inc. 

Jenna Deutschman

In June 2021, Jenna graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Science and two minors in Professional Writing and German from the University of California, Davis. She formerly worked as a UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative Research Fellow and is currently an Environmental Writer and Editor at the Plant-Based Network.

Johnathan Orellana

Johnathan writes How-Tos and explainers for The Weather Station Experts. He has been freelance writing for the past two years, specializing in digital marketing and general marketing tips.

John Alois

John Alois writes blog posts and features for The Weather Station Experts. He is a full time freelance writer and editor with nearly half a decade of experience in various niches, including weather and earth science.

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